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What better way to start the new year than with a blog upgrade? Probably the most noticeable feature for you is the new layout. With the switch to a flowed 2-column layout I want to profit from the trend towards wide-screen monitors and use some more room for my code examples. Further I have added a plugin to allow you to subscribe to a thread when you comment so you can get all the responses by email as well. And the last visible change is the addition of gravatars.

Behind the scenes I have upgraded to WordPress 2.7. While I kept up to date on all the security issues by backpatching all the fixes manually (yes, I know PHP too!), the code drift was becomming an issue. And of course I get a lot of new widgets in the administrator. And I have integrated Google Analytics so I can see what sort of content you all like.

On my ToDo list remains the issue of a siutable code highlight plugin with support for CFML so the comming days you may see some expeiments in that area (and occasionally some broken layout).