CF Customtags

All customtags are provided by me under a BSD-style license. That means you can do pretty much anything you want with them, but they come without a warranty and you can’t sue me.

  • advancedemail is a customtag for sending multipart email messages from CF 4.5 and CF 5 (i.e. emails with inline images). You can use it with later versions of CF if you have an external mailserver where you ca drop RFC 822 formatted messages in a spool folder. But you should really use the cfmailpart tag and just do this natively in CF.
  • isoweek is a customtag for calculatingISO weeknumbers. According to ISO 8601 week 1 istheweek with the first Thursday of the year. Use this if you have to, but if your CF server version supports UDFs grab something better from
  • accesscompact is a customtag for compacting MS Acces 97 and MS Access 2000 databases through code so you don’t have to download the database, compact it and upload it again. A better solution is to just not use Access at all and use a real database.
  • login is a customtag for dropping HTTP Basic Authentication into an application. This is only secure if you use SSL (or TLS). If you want touse this, you probably want to rename it so in three year time you won’t confuse this for the new cflogin tag.
  • dump is not a customtag per se, but a replacement for the dump functionality in CF 8.0.x to function even when createObject(JAVA) is disabled.

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