I am currently in the UK for a LiveCycle training and when I looked out of my hotel window the view was very nice.

Winter view from Fleet (UK)

Winter view from Fleet (UK)

Then just before I was going for breakfast my boss called and asked whether I still was in the hotel. Then he told me to “Go make snow dolls”. Apparently the snow is a bit more then the people in the UK are used to and is causing major travel issues. The students are from all over the country (apparently some had to drive 4 hours under normal conditions), and due to the weather the first day of the training is canceled. So now I have my first snow day ever! (In the Netherlands we only have ice days to go ice-skating, when it has frozen enough and the ice is thick enough, but no snow days.)

UPDATE: training cancelled for the whole week based on the weather forecast, but no way to go home since all flights to Amsterdam have been cancelled at Heathrow.


  1. Ed Tabara says:

    that is very nice!
    we didn’t have such a snow this year here in Moldova, but last year we did and i took some great pictures too: http://blog.1smartsolution.com/?action=flexSlideShow&loc=Winter2007

  2. Vincent says:


    I’m going to discuss this with the boss. I would sign up for these trainings.


  3. Antony says:

    You should have held the training in Melbourne, Australia - we just had 5 days of 43°C (approx 104°F); no snow here…

  4. Alan McCollough says:

    That’s the snow they called a “snow day” for? Snow days are supposed to be a response to an overload of snow, not just the mere presence of the stuff. Wimpy!(note: I’m in Anchorage, Alaska)

  5. Jochem says:

    Apparently this was the most snow in 18 years. Monday I went to the client anyway to discuss the general architecture of their solution a bit. But when I wanted to go back to the hotel I couldn’t get a taxi. Apparently due to a “health and safety evaluation” they would only take unavoidable trips. So I had to walk back from the client to the hotel.

    Then on Tuesday I didn’t have any problem at all getting to Heathrow and from there to Amsterdam.