I managed to get a proof of concept AIR client for the Adobe forums running. It can log in, browse communities, threads, and messages and can even reply. But since it doesn’t do much with local storage yet it doesn’t remember which messages are already read. I’ll post some more on the hacks to log in to the forums soon, but for now I have screenshots.

ForumClient Screenshot

ForumClient Screenshot

ForumClient screenshot

ForumClient screenshot


  1. PaulH says:

    …and it does unicode too, sweet.

  2. Gareth Arch says:

    Nice! Are you planning on releasing the code for this so others can contribute?

  3. Jochem says:

    The application is a long way from finished and if released currently would serve more as a DOS tool then as a usable interface. Some of the webservice calls take 2 minutes or more processing time on the Adobe side so it really needs local storage for caching and to maintain the read-state of messages. So I am not going to release the application as a whole any time soon. I will be teaching in Italy, Sweden and the UK for the next three weeks so I have very little time, so don’t expect any beta from me before mid May.

    I will however shortly be releasing code for the workarounds I wrote to bypass those parts of the webservice API that don’t work anymore due to the changes for Adobe’s Single Sign On implementation.

  4. Maaz Hurzuk says:

    Hi Jochem,

    I am the guy from the training you gave in Mumbai. (I was the guy who had lot of doubts on item renderer)

    Was going through your Blogs. Some neat stuffs you got there. I’m totally impressed. Keep us updated when this application goes Live. I would surely try it.