Today was the start of the Adobe LiveCycle Technical U training program. This is a 3 week training specifically for Adobe partners on LiveCycle and Flex. The following is the set of other training courses that is combined into this one:

  • Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications
  • Flex 3: Data and Communications
  • Flex 3: Programming the Visual Experience
  • LiveCycle: Designing Forms
  • LiveCycle: Building Applications

Yes, that is not a typo, we are actually covering Flex 3 in this training. This is one of the test runs with the beta courseware. But wait, there is more. Apart from bundling those 5 existing courses, there is also 6 days of additional, new material:

  • custom LiveCycle content (topics include database connectivity, LDAP, email etc.)
  • custom Flex content (Cairngorn)
  • LiveCycle and Flex integration
  • a 3-day ‘build a real application’ labs session

Since this is a newly developed training it will be given by a team of people from Adobe Training and from Prisma IT and it will be extensively reviewed. For now we just had the introductions and one of my coworkers started on the Flex content, but next week I will be delivering the LiveCycle bits of the training (including the JDBC and LDAP chapters I wrote myself). The last week will be given by my boss and the people from Adobe.

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